About the Auction

In-person (or virtual, depending) auction is being held on:

Monday 31st January 2022 5:00pm GMT

Online bidding will be available ahead of time, starting on January 19th, here:

Auction Details
Forum Auctions in conjunction with Eponym and Artbrain are hosting the First-ever UK-based auction of NFTs. The physical auction date is set for January 31st and will take place at London-based "Forum Auctions."

The online preview will start on January 19th and online bids will be accepted beginning at that date and until the end of the auction.

Forum is a leading auction house in the UK that is known for selling Banksy's work - Since 2020, Forum has sold 200 of Banksy's works realizing over £10,000,000.

Links, live streaming information, and more will be updated closer to the auction date.
About EpoStories
Each EpoStory is a 1 of 1 unique NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain that includes multiple "layers" comprised of a title and an image. These layers were created as a collaboration between the artist and the proprietary Eponym AI. Layer generation can take thousands of attempts and countless hours to get the perfect image by tweaking the inputs to the AI and imagining different possibilities.

Owners of these EpoStory NFTs have full commercial rights, access to HD versions of all images suitable for fine art prints, and the ability to further modify and add to the story. Access to future Eponym Projects and an upcoming token are also holder benefits.